Award winning global exporter of leading bioactive health ingredients.

Seperex Nutritionals

Dunedin-based Seperex Nutritional ™ focuses on the research, development and supply of “value added” functional ingredients derived from nature – specifically dairy, marine and plant sources.

We are a global supplier of novel, innovative, researched functional food and health ingredients that seek to continually improve the wellbeing of human health. Seperex Nutritionals utilises specialised separation and isolation technology for dairy and marine derived proteins, peptides, lipids and carbohydrates for functional food health ingredient applications.

Seperex Nutritionals Ltd offers a range of specialty functional food ingredients derived from dairy and marine bioactives for different life stage of consumers:

Functional Food Nutritional Products to assist with:

  • Growth and development
  • Bone growth and bone density
  • Mucosal immune support
  • Gut health and pathogen protection
  • Brain and Nerve health and development


Specific functional applications include as:

  • Infant and Follow On Formula nutritional supplements
  • Pregnancy support nutritional supplements
  • Calcium nutritional supplements